Attorney-Adviser (Labor)

Ft. Eustis, VA

Job Description

About the Position: This position is located at U.S. Amy Futures & Concepts Center (FCC), Office of Director, Fort Eustis, Virginia. If you are currently serving in a permanent, competitive service appointment in the Federal service, and are selected for this position, the appointment will remove you from the competitive service while you occupy this position.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Trial attorney for civilian personnel, labor relations, and equal employment opportunity litigation cases arising within Futures and Concepts Center, U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC) with potential to establish Command and department-wide precedent.
  • Incumbent establishes case strategy and tactics, prepares prehearing motions and petitions, and identifies relevant witnesses and documents via discovery procedures, including interrogatories and depositions.
  • Advises supervisors and key management as to whether a case should be tried or settled, and provides supervisors and key management officials with progress reports throughout the administrative and judicial process, as requested and as necessary.
  • Assists in judicial review of administrative decisions in coordination with attorneys from AFC HQ OSJA, HQDA Labor and Employment Law Division and Litigation Division of the U.S. Army Legal Services Agency, as well as the Department of Justice.
  • Conducts settlement negotiations for management with opposing counsel, drafts settlement agreements, coordinates with commanders and directors on the meaning of settlement, and executes settlement agreements for the Agency.
  • Assists labor counselors at subordinate Commands/Organizations to appeal adverse decisions and assists with determinations regarding appropriateness of appealing adverse decisions.
  • Develops the FCC/AFC position on litigation issues that arise in conjunction with federal court and administrative tribunal proceedings.
  • Ensures FCC/AFC compliance with settlement agreements, subpoenas of Government officials, requests for review of FCC/AFC files, and documents relevant to pending cases.
  • Provides oral and written advice and technical legal guidance to key FCC/AFC officials, and upon request, to subordinate Commands/Organizations concerning all aspects of the law of federal employment and federal labor-management relations.
  • Provides advice and prepares opinions on legal issues or factual questions, some of which lack clearly applicable precedents or contain complex factual scenarios.
  • Prepares recommended course of action for senior FCC/AFC staff members; prepares factual analysis and legal opinions and presents oral briefings to FCC/AFC officials and AFC HQ OSJA supervisors.
  • Reviews and provides legal opinions regarding employee disciplinary actions and grievances, including appeals of adverse actions.
  • Incumbent serves as legal adviser and provides legal review on all types of command investigations.
  • Provides legal advice, counsel, and opinions on a variety of general law actions to include civilian/military administrative actions; military justice matters; security, intelligence, and espionage; official investigations by Federal agencies, etc.
  • Incumbent assists the Office of The U.S. Army Legal Services Agency in support of United States Attorneys involving litigation matters in Federal District Court and in Circuit Courts of Appeal.
  • Serves as an Ethics Counselor and, in that role, provides legal advice, counsel, and opinions on a variety of matters.